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  Join our team!  

We're actively hiring research assistants, postdocs or staff scientists (see below).
In addition, we're always looking for motivated students (undergraduate, graduate, or medical) to join our team.  Let's talk!


We are looking to hire curious and ambitious postdocs, staff scientists, or lab manager/research assistants beginning summer 2023.

The ideal postdoctoral candidate has an MD and/or PhD in neuroscience or related field and extensive experience with rodent neuroscience. Excellent analytical skills, e.g., Python & Matlab, are strongly preferred. An expert data analyst may be considered even without animal experience.

The ideal staff scientist candidate has similar qualifications as the postdoctoral candidate, but is looking for a more permanent position with the STAAR Lab, without the stressors of the tenure-track job hunt.

The ideal research assistant/lab manager candidate has a BA/BS degree and previous laboratory experience, especially involving mouse handling, stereotaxic surgery, and/or microscopy. Given the complexity of the projects and techniques, research assistants must be willing to consider at least a two-year position.

If you're interested in learning more, please submit a CV, cover letter, and 2-3 references to Neir Eshel

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